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Retail Memory Builder

W Service – Whitefish, Ontario
Department W Service
Employment Type Full time
Minimum Experience Entry-level

Legend Boats is looking for a new Retail Memory Builder (Aluminum Boat Assembler)/Service Technician to join our team.  Legend has proven time and again to be an awesome place to work.  Your co-workers become your family, you have endless possibilities for learning, growth and advancement and you get to take pride in the memories created by every single Legend Boat across Canada!

Now, we’re not going to lie to you. This is a physically and mentally demanding job, best suited to those that are mechanically inclined.  The faster you can build’em, the happier everyone will be.  But, that’s not to say we’re not focused on quality.  That’s the tricky part, you see? Be fast, but produce perfect work.  Still think you’re ready for Legend? GOOD! You also have to be self-motivated and a problem solver.  If you can make critical thinking decisions on your own, you’re going to do well at Legend, not to mention at life.  

Legend Boats is also committed to the betterment of its staff.  If you are already a Mercury Certified Technician, you get major bonus points.  However, if you would like to become Mercury Certified, Legend Boats will sponsor you to go to Mercury University to get Certified.  A thirst for knowledge and improvement will go a long way in your career at Legend Boats

Job Duties:

- Installing engines and other upgrades and customer options to the boat:  Must be able to use power tools and have a basic understanding of small engines, specifically Mercury products

- Boat show setup: When Legend Boats sets up shows on our property and throughout the city, you will be required to haul boats, set up the show, detail the boats and make sure the public is seeing the very best that Legend has to offer.

- Boat deliveries and pick ups: occasionally our customers need a hand getting their boat to and/or from their property, this is where you can prove to be most helpful in their ventures.

- Electrical troubleshooting: includes being able to identify potential issues with the boat's electrical system and fixing the issue if it is not of a serious nature

- Paint touchups: includes being able to identify inconsistencies in the paint job on the boat, sanding the area and repainting if necessary

Why You’ll Love it:

  • Great people! Legend Boats is a family run business and we treat it that way.  There may be a lot of us, but we’re family and you would be welcome into it with open arms
  • Great Benefits! After 6 months of employment, you will be eligible for our Benefit Program.  This covers all the standards: medical, dental, vision and prescriptions
  • Great Pension! After 1 year of employment you will be eligible for our Pension Plan.  Legend Boats will even match your contribution up to 3%!
  • Great fun! Boating and the Marine Lifestyle are awesome, you know it, we know it, everyone who comes to visit us knows it!  This is why we work towards having fun everyday (never at the expense of production or customer satisfaction of course).  There are many events held at our locations, as well we like to spend time together outside of work.  This is a family business and we treat everyone like family; coworkers and customers alike
  • Great potential!  Legend Boats is committed to the development and potential of all employees.  There are many training programs, conferences, seminars, meetings and tours that you will be invited to.  All to further your skills, attitude and knowledge and ensure that you and the company are always working well together

So if you have experience with power tools, are accustomed to fast-paced work, are a team player and you’ve got a good sense of humour, you very well may be perfect for us and we may be perfect for you.  

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  • Location
    Whitefish, Ontario
  • Department
    W Service
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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